Tritan™ HV90 -Belt Furnaces
Dual-Lane Metallization Firing Belt Furnace

Tritan™ HV90 Metallization Dual-LaneFiring Furnace

The Tritan™ HV90 Metallization Firing furnace, featuring BTU's exclusive TriSpeed technology, allows users to take advantage of superior ramp rates up to 200o C per second while not compromising the drying and cooling sections of the profile. The three-belt system gives revolutionary control of profile development. In trials, Tritan™ has BTU – Winner 2011 Global Technology Awardconsistently shown an improvement in fill factor resulting in increased efficiency. This combined with the HV90's low Cost of Ownership gives customers the lowest cost per watt.

The TRITAN HV90 dual-lane metallization firing system features increased throughput at 3600 wafers per hour, an edge belt, volatile organic compound (VOC) abatement and a single zone spike with less than 3 seconds spike time.

Tritan™ HV90 three-belt system firing furnaceThe process chamber is designed to provide access from both top and bottom of the conveyor, the first of its kind in firing furnaces, for easy maintenance and serviceability. Full chEM – Innovation Awards 2011amber access, combined with extended lamp life, minimizes downtime. The drying section features stainless steel lining for easy cleaning.

The furnace can be integrated with all mainstream printing/testing equipment. As other BTU products Tritan™ is controlled by BTU’s windows-based, multi-lingual WINCON™ software with touch screen GUI.

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