Why BTuFor over sixty years, BTU International has been the trusted name for high-tech customers with a need to solve high-volume thermal processing challenges. With over 10,000 tools shipped, our ability to design, manufacture, and support advanced thermal processing equipment has been proven. Customers with high-tech operations in solar cell, electronics assembly, semiconductor packaging, fuel cell, and next generation batteries depend on BTU.

Time and again, BTU International has been a pioneer as technologies and markets changed. We entered the market for semiconductor manufacturing equipment in the ‘70’s and today are a leader in the semiconductor packaging market. We entered the solar market in 1985 and introduced next generation products for CdTe, CIGS and Silicon solar in 2008 and 2009. We initiated serving the electronics market from our Asia manufacturing site in Shanghai, China in 2004 and today nearly half our employees are located outside the US. BTU International is the brand of choice for customers in the nuclear fuel market.

In the next decade, BTU International will continue to change, lead, and grow. Our next growth markets are driven by the emerging carbon-free economy and by advanced electronics connecting people and business. The growing need for carbon-free energy sources and energyWhy Btu 2storage opens up large new markets for us. Electricity generated from silicon and thin-film photovoltaics,  and energy storage through new battery technologies offer BTU great prospects for expansion.

Innovation and integration in the electronics market have changed our daily lives and will continue to do so, offering growth to BTU International. It is highly likely that components inside the device you are using to read this webpage were produced using BTU equipment. BTU will continue to lead and grow in this market.

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