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Advanced Batteries


Advanced batteries

BTU’s  continuous furnaces are known worldwide for their superior thermal and atmosphere performance and have been shown to increase output by 4X over traditional battery material processing techniques. In addition, BTU has proprietary technology that can reduce the footprint and cycle time for long processes by up to 67%.

We have a staff of highly experienced engineers that can partner with you to develop leading edge processes resulting in superior product performance and lower manufacturing cost.

BTU’s controlled atmosphere furnaces are available with temperature ranges up to 1800°C and with various process atmospheres including hydrogen, nitrogen and argon. Excellent atmosphere purity is achieved through the use of BTU’s patented gas barrier technology. In addition, BTU’s unique educator technology can be used to enhance cooling or control process atmosphere. The end result is superior efficiency, superior performance, and superior thermal uniformity for a number of advanced thermal processes:

  • Calcination
  • Curing
  • Electrode Drying


BTU’s Pyramax family of reflow ovens provide the utmost in control for convection drying and curing applications. The Pyramax features BTU’s exclusive closed loop convection control and process temperatures up to 400°C.

landing Pyramax convection oven

BTU’s Controlled Atmosphere Furnace has the industry’s lowest Cost of Ownership and features process temperatures up to 1180 1180°C. BTU’s automated thermal controls utilize segmented heaters to optimize thermal performance resulting in thermal uniformity better than +/-3°C. The system also features flexible atmosphere with Argon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen or forming gas available.

Controlled Atmosphere furnace

BTU’s Pusher furnace is the workhorse required for heavy loads and temperatures up to 1800°C. The system features alumina bricking, sophisticated safety controls, and advanced operational software.

BTU Pusher furnace