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Precision-controlled, high-temperature work horses

With maximum operating temperature up to 1800°C and air or hydrogen process atmosphere, pusher furnaces come in hearth sizes of 6″, 8″, 12″, and custom widths.  Other customization includes heating and cooling zone configuration, thermal profiling, and atmosphere control system.

BTU Pusher FurnacePusher furnaces from BTU are engineered for better heat efficiency and system durability.  Alumina bricking, sophisticated safety controls, and advanced operational software make BTU’s pusher furnaces ideal for high-performance applications such as:
advanced electronics, fuel pellet sintering, capacitor manufacturing, metallizing and calcining.   Sophisticated CAD/CAE design capability gives BTU an advantage in responding to a wide range of customer requirements.  The design of BTU’s pusher furnaces optimizes customer productivity while offering maximum flexibility.

Thermal Process Control

BTU’s Pusher furnace is packed with state of the art features for superior thermal process control.  Unlike lesser furnaces, our pusher furnaces employ heart plate piers which greatly enhance product uniformity allowing the heat to surround the hearth.  In addition, these plates, made of dense alumina, are keyed to piers and lift out for easy replacement.  Shadow walls can be included in the furnace configuration allowing for precise profile shaping and control.  BTU’s patented eductor technology is used for convection assisted heating and cooling in lower temperature zones.

Atmosphere Control

Atmosphere control is an important option for BTU’s pusher furnace.  It Atmosphere Controlenhances process integrity while maintaining a safe working environment:

  • Atmosphere saturator maintains proper dew point conditions through closed-loop temperature and water levels
  • Hydrogen purge/mixer protects furnace from failure
  • Safety interlock prevents hydrogen from dropping below auto-ignition point
  • Atmosphere sampling ports are provided in all heated lines
  • Flame curtains or purge chambers at point of entrance and exit