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Walking Beam

Walking Beam HearthBTU has been a leader in high temperature walking beam furnaces since the 1970’s.  Some highlights of this system include: high reliability, little or no hearth or product carrier wear, and very high production rate within limited floor space.  BTU offers customizable layouts, where overall heated length and ratio between the preheat length and high heat length are built to suit specific processes.  Various system configurations are available to provide continuous temperatures up to 1800°C.  BTU Walking Beam furnace systems are available with atmosphere capabilities ranging from oxidizing to fully reducing. Process gases include hydrogen and nitrogen.

This high temperature system operates on a patented wheel and inclined plane principle and can carry very heavy loads extremely reliably. The patented beam transport system is designed with high stacking capability for processing heavy loads.  Product carriers are designed specifically to support individual stacks for greater thermal and payload efficiencies.

BTU also offers global support and upgrade capabilities to enhance performance of walking beam furnace systems in the field.

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Walking Beam Furnace