BTU Expertise – High Temperature Inline Thermal Processing

From Pilot to Production

BTU’s inline conveyor and pusher furnaces offer heating in high purity atmosphere environments from 1150°C-1800°C. Our ability to offer both off-the-shelf and fully customized, customer-centric solutions, allows us to deliver superior efficiency, performance, and thermal uniformity, while maintaining competitive pricing.

BTU designs and manufactures high temperature controlled atmosphere furnaces for a number applications including:BTU-2

  • Flux-free Hydrogen wafer bump reflow
  • Glass-to-metal sealing
  • Direct bond copper
  • Brazing
  • Sintering
  • Heat-treating

In-line processing has major productivity advantages over batch including upto 4X more throughput, and 15X faster cycle time.  Let BTU’s vast process experience work for you in lowering time to production and increasing production yield.

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