S-300mm Furnace Automation

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The S-300 automated multiple boat horizontal furnace cantilever loading system is a low-cost system designed to assist the fab operator in safely loading and unloading wafer boats to all cantilevers on a furnace stack. Operators place boats onto the load platform at an ergonomically correct height eliminating the need for operators to climb ladders or perform the repetitive motion of loading wafer boats onto the silicon carbide paddle. Load times are typically less than 3 minutes. Control and setup are through a single color flat-panel touch screen.

The S-300 mounts directly onto the load station and is compatible with any furnace and cantilever system. Using casters and quick disconnect latches the S-300 can be quickly removed from the load station to allow for maintenance.

Bruce Technologies also offers the following automation solutions:

300mm Diffusion Furnace Automation

  • Boatloaders – cantilever furnace loading

  • Wafer transfer machine

  • Shuttle (S300 to wafer transfer machine integration)

  • Door closures for CVD or ATM

  • Atmoscan closed cantilever system

To learn more about Bruce Technologies Automation or their Diffusion Furnace visit the Bruce Technologies website or email us at BruceTechnologies@btu.com.