Join Us for a Free Vacuum Reflow Workshop

vacuum reflow voiding

Date: November 5, 2019

Time: 10:00am to 6:00pm

Location: ACI Technologies, Philadelphia, PA

Register by email to: or by phone to Mike Prestoy: 610-362-1200, ext, 241


Workshop will feature a live demonstration with x-ray analysis

Fred Dimock Reflow Process Intructor

Fred Dimock, Manager of Process Technology, will present “Operation of a Vacuum Reflow Oven with Void Reduction Data” during a vacuum reflow workshop at ACI Technologies in Philadelphia PA on November 5th 2019. This presentation will provide an overview of the vacuum reflow  process and explain the reason vacuum reflow is of interest to the electronic assembly industry. Additionally, Dimock will present a report on data from a vacuum reflow void reduction experiment completed at the Universal Instruments Process Laboratory. The presentation will be followed by a live demonstration of a BTU Pyramax Vacuum reflow oven. An x-ray comparison of thermal pads on surface mount boards from the vacuum process and a standard non-vacuum process will be shown.

Dimock has taught numerous SMTA solder reflow classes and has participated in the 5-45 subcommittee for the development of IPC-7801 Reflow Oven Process Control Standard. He wrote the chapter on solder reflow for the ‘Handbook of Electronic Assembly’ and ‘A Guide to SMTA Certification’ by Dr. Lasky and Jim Hall.Dimock holds an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Design from Wentworth in Boston and a Bachelor’s Degree in Ceramic Engineering from the State University of New York at Alfred (SUNY).

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