Advanced Cell Processing

Advanced cell processing refers to a broad range of applications whereby thermal and atmospheric treatment can enhance, improve or restore cell performance. Key applications include; treatment of passivation layers used in advanced cell structures, contact repair, nickel silicide (NiSi) formation, reduction of silver contact resistance, and dopant activation enhancement.  Many of these applications are processed in temperatures below 500°C and in inert or forming gas atmosphere.

Key Applications:

Solar Cell Annealing Advanced Metallization
Dielectric Passivation Ni- Silicide Formation
Dopant Activation Enhancement Activation of Advanced
Contacts Reduce Silver Contact Resistance

The Industry’s Best Atmosphere Control

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BTU is the industry leader in atmosphere control for continuous furnacesSolar Cell Annealing FurnaceWhether it is high purity muffle applications or general purpose muffle-less applications, BTU has a unique set of capabilities, know-how and experience supporting precision temperature and atmosphere applications.

Uniform exposure to the correct temperature profile and atmosphere are critical performance attributes in solar cell annealing applications. BTU employs automated thermal controls and segmented heated sections enabling the user to control temperature uniformity to within ±2°C across the belt. Atmosphere controls allow the user to operate in an inert atmosphere or up to 95% Solar Cell Annealing Profilehydrogen at 2 parts per million above source. Patented solutions such as heat and gas barrier technology provide precision capabilities for thermal profile tuning and atmosphere control. BTU’s furnaces feature BTU’s proprietary WINCON™ control system. WINCON features a simplified user interface and incredibly powerful analytical capabilities.

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