BTU International Redefines Operational Value and Efficiency with the Aurora Platform of Reflow Ovens

NORTH BILLERICA, Mass., March 2024 — BTU International, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment for the electronics manufacturing market, is proud to announce that its new Aurora platform of reflow ovens is designed to minimize the Cost of Ownership (CoO) while maximizing performance and operational value for its users. With a focus on precision, consistency, and efficiency, the Aurora platform sets a new standard for thermal processing in electronics manufacturing.

The Aurora platform incorporates several key features that contribute to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, including:

Maintenance Access and Efficiency: Aurora sets a new standard for maintenance accessibility and efficiency, with streamlined access points and improved design. This simplifies maintenance and repair procedures, reducing downtime and contributing to a substantial reduction in overall ownership costs. Aurora is designed with end-to-end serviceability simplifying maintenance and repair procedures reducing both downtime and overall Cost of Ownership costs.

Aqua Scrub Flux Management System: The fully integrated Aqua Scrub flux management system utilizes a water-based rinse agent to continuously scrub contaminants from the oven atmosphere. This hands-off maintenance approach enhances equipment longevity and significantly lowers maintenance costs, regardless of flux type.

Smart Power and Energy Efficiency: Aurora includes Smart Power and Energy Pilot software within the control system, intelligently managing power usage to reduce energy consumption. This feature aligns with sustainable practices, further contributing to a minimized Cost of Ownership.

Optimized Gas Flow: Aurora optimizes gas flow to ensure precise and cost-effective reflow processes. By reducing process gas usage, Aurora supports economic sustainability while maintaining process precision.

Advanced Conveyor Options: Aurora offers advanced conveyor options to enhance cost efficiency, including up to 5 movable rails for flexibility, dual-lane dual-speed functionality, and a chain return path within the rail for reduced power consumption. Wider board capabilities and increased product clearance provide versatility in production scenarios.

Driven by technology and innovation, the Aurora platform represents a strategic investment in minimizing the overall Cost of Ownership for electronics manufacturers. By addressing crucial aspects such as maintenance, energy efficiency, and process optimization, Aurora empowers manufacturers with a reliable and cost-effective solution for their thermal processing needs.

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About BTU International
BTU International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amtech Group (Nasdaq: ASYS), is a global supplier and technology leader of advanced thermal processing equipment in the electronics manufacturing market. BTU’s high-performance reflow ovens are used in the production of SMT printed circuit board assemblies and in semiconductor packaging processes. BTU also specializes in precision controlled, high-temperature belt furnaces for a wide range of custom applications, such as brazing, direct bond copper (DBC), diffusion, and sintering. BTU has operations in North Billerica, Massachusetts, and Shanghai, China, with direct sales and service in the U.S.A., Asia and Europe. Information about BTU International is available at


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