BTU International’s Fred Dimock to Present at Lead-Free Electronics Workshop

NORTH BILLERICA, Mass., Nov. 18, 2011— BTU International, Inc. a leading supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment and processes for the alternative energy and electronics ma nufacturing markets, announces that Fred Dimock will present at the upcoming Lead-Free Electronics Workshop, scheduled to take place December 6-7, 2011 at ACI Technologies Inc.’s facility in Philadelphia, PA.

The free workshop will present best practices in lead-free solder electronics assembly. Methods of optimizing reflow oven profiling for consumer, commercial and high reliability aerospace and defense applications will be discussed. Additionally, critical issues concerning lead-free electronics such as tin whiskers and solder joint reliability will be considered.

Dimock will discuss recipes vs. profiles, heat transfer and oven control. He will address why profiles are shaped the way they are and how to obtain profiles. Additional topics of discussion include TC accuracy, profilers, test vehicles and eutectic vs. lead-free process windows.

Dimock is the manager of Process Technology at BTU International. His extensive experience in thermal processing includes positions at Corning, General Electric, and Sylvania. Additionally, he has authored numerous articles on lead-free processing and process control.

The presentation with be followed be a question and answer exchange. For more information about BTU International, visit

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BTU International is a market-leading, global supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment to the alternative energy and electronics assembly markets. BTU’s equipment and expertise are used in the manufacturing of solar cells and nuclear fuel as well as the production of printed circuit board assemblies and semiconductor packaging. BTU has design and manufacturing operations in North Billerica, Massachusetts and Shanghai, China with direct sales and service worldwide. Information about BTU International is available at


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