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Phosphorus Diffusion is used in the manufacture of solar cells to create the emitter. Silicon wafers are coated with phosphoric acid fired at temperatures between 800oC and 1000oC to drive the phosphorus into the silicon creating the emitter.

Meridian™ In Line Diffusion FurnaceExisting batch processes cannot keep pace with the cost pressure facing PV manufacturers today.  BTU's solution is the Meridian™ In-Line Diffusion Furnace.  The system can be configured to process up to 1,500 wafers per hour providing uniform and repeatable emitters.  The Meridian™ in-line system offers reduced wafer handling and very low breakage rates.  The Meridian features BTU's proprietary WINCON™ control system.   WINCON features a simplified user interface and incredibly powerful analytical capabilities.  

In the race to lower cost per watt, the shift to in-line processing puts users in a winning position.   In 2009 the Meridian™ was awarded the ‘Industry Choice’ International Solar Technology Award during a ceremony at the Intersolar Munich show in Germany. The International Solar Technology Awards are designed to acknowledge and recognize achievements in the creation and development of solar technology. Emphasis is placed on real-world technical advancements required throughout the supply chain to push solar power toward grid-parity without government subsidies. Each award category was judged by a panel of industry experts and the industry public, through online voting. For the ‘Industry Choice’ award, the definitive category for solar applications, the popular voting is double-weighted.

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