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Reflow Ovens | Custom Belt Furnaces

SINCE 1950, BTU has been the partner of choice for manufacturers facing the most complex thermal processing challenges. As technology has changed, our drive for innovation has remained ahead of the curve, combining old-fashioned diligence with vision for the future. Teamwork HandsWe’re proud that our culture of innovation has resulted in lower cost of ownership, less downtime and higher production for our customers.

TODAY, WE TAKE PRIDE in our position as an industry leader, headquartered near Boston, with teams positioned globally. Our factory in Shanghai, China keeps us close to key manufacturing centers, allowing us to rapidly develop new features on our reflow ovens. At our facility near Boston, we manufacture high temperature products, custom crafted by our experienced team. Our US-based software teams work closely with our customers to implement advanced factory automation and communication protocols for the factories of tomorrow.

Pyramax Reflow Oven, Pmax100A
Controlled Atmosphere Furnace
Pyramax Reflow Ovens
  • The standard for performance worldwide is defined by the Pyramax name.   Developed for very heavy backplane boards this family of ovens lives up to its motto every day: “Any board, any time, anywhere.”
High Temperature Belt Furnaces
  • BTU’s family of precision controlled high temperature belt furnaces surpass even the most challenging requirements of high-volume thermal processing.
  • Awesome precision and tight regulation is synonymous with Pyramax.  Its exclusive closed-loop convection technology consistently delivers the three things that create unmatched performance: thermal uniformity, atmosphere purity and very low exit temperatures.
  •  Expect astounding control of atmosphere, down to 2ppm O2 in the process zones.  This, combined with cross-belt uniformity exceeding +/-2°C, delivers amazing throughput and cycle time, without process yield loss over batch processes.
  • Highly controlled convection rates result in the same thermal process, line-to-line, factory-to-factory and site-to-site, on a global scale.
  •  Proudly manufactured in America for over 6 decades, BTU custom furnaces deliver peak performance and long-term reliability.


Temperature chart for custom furnace applications and solder reflow

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