Reflow Ovens

Pyramax ZeroTurn Reflow Oven

Eliminate reflow oven changeover time

Get more out of your SMT line with Pyramax ZeroTurn.  Our dual chamber reflow oven eliminates process changeover time while preserving the process control that the Pyramax family of reflow ovens is known for.  Zero turnaround means that high volume manufacturers, Pyramax Dual Chamber Reflow Oventhat have to contend with product mix, deal with less downtime – enabling higher productivity from the whole line.

Our dual chamber reflow oven design truly isolates the two processes, with independent temperature, belt speed and static pressure convection rate controls.  Lead-free and leaded processes can be at temperature, side-by-side, without affecting cross board thermal uniformity in either chamber.

A true dual chamber reflow oven:

  • Independent control of belt speed, zone temperature, and convection rate
  • Robust construction ensures thermal isolation
    • Cross-belt uniformity unaffected by process change on neighboring lane
    • Process Cpk controlled regardless of recipe change in neighboring lane

Dual Chamber Reflow Oven

Part of the Pyramax family of reflow ovens

Pyramax has long been the benchmark for performance for convection reflow – now twice as good with this dual chamber system.  The ZeroTurn is built upon the Pyramax platform, and shares many common parts, simplifying maintenance and training for existing users.   Furthermore, the ZeroTurn carries the same warranty as Pyramax, including a lifetime guarantee on heaters and blowers.

WINCON oven control systemLike the rest of the rest of the Pyramax platform, ZeroTurn features BTU’s proprietary WINCON™ control system.  WINCON features a simplified user interface and incredibly powerful analytical capabilities.  The lastest versions of WINCON include BTU’s Energy Pilot Oven Softwarecost-saving Energy Pilot feature.  Energy Pilot reduces running costs automatically during idle times thereby minimizing Cost of Ownership.  In addition, BTU’s WINCON control system is Industry 4.0 enabled allowing for advanced control of SMT processes.

Contact BTU to learn more about how our dual chamber reflow oven can eliminate changeover time in your SMT line.