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BTU is part of the Amtech Group

Founded in 1981, Amtech Systems is a trusted global supplier of essential semiconductor equipment and consumables serving various industries within the power semiconductor market, including mobile, computing, industrial, automotive, telecom, medical, and more.

Amtech Systems

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BTU has been a technology leader in the field of thermal process systems since 1950. BTU’s systems are used for semiconductor, advanced packaging, electronics assembly and materials processing.


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PR Hoffman offers complete lapping, grinding and polishing machine product lines for a variety of manufacturing processing needs for applications such as SiC, quartz, optics, semiconductor, LED, electronics, ceramics and metalworking.


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Intersurface Dynamics designs, manufactures, and sells application-specific chemicals for processes used in the production of Silicon, Silicon Carbide, and Sapphire wafers: lenses made of different glass and laser materials; integrated circuits; and display and flat glass.


Amtech Systems Power Semiconductor