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Reflow Oven Recipe Generator

Powered by ECD, RecipePro is an integrated software module in the BTU Wincon operating system that is used to create starting recipes

RecipePro is the industry’s first reflow oven recipe generator to include convection rate as part of the generator algorithm. EM Asia 2016 Winner Medal small websizeCompetitive solutions ignore convection rate, a key heat transfer component used to generate starting recipes in their offerings. BTU and Electronics Control Design (ECD) have solved this problem by introducing RecipePro.

Creating a starting reflow oven recipe for a PCB can be a time consuming task. Typically, users create a best guess recipe, utilizing a trial and error approach using available information and/or experience. This process can result in excessive reflow oven downtime associated with optimizing the thermal profile, recipe transfer errors and potential yield loss.

RecipePro incorporates a simple user interface and workflow. The user selects or enters information about the convection rate, 2016 Vision Award Trophythroughput, PCB and solder paste. Equipped with these inputs, RecipePro generates a starting reflow oven recipe (including convection rate) which is then automatically transferred to the reflow oven control system.

  • The only recipe generator that includes convection rate in the algorithm
  • Reduces reflow oven set-up time
  • Increases product yield through profile optimization
  • Simplified operation with limited inputs required
  • Integrated with BTU’s Wincon operating system eliminating manual recipe input
  • Included with new Pyramax reflow ovens configured with convection control
  • Available on older systems with Wincon upgrade
  • Exclusive to BTU

Available on new Pyramax Reflow Ovens and WinCon upgrades

Recipe Generator ecd software module for reflow ovens RecipePro software powered by ECD