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Bob Bouchard talks to Nolan Johnson of I-Connect007 about Aqua Scrub Flux Management

I-Connect007 - February 2019 - Bob Bouchard, BTU's Corporate Marketing Manager, talks to Managing Editor, Nolan Johnson, of I-Connect007 about BTU's new Aqua Scrub flux management technology that debuted at APEX 2019. The AquaScrub is very innovative and shows a lot of promise to reduce cost of ownership by extending reflow oven maintenance cycles and costs.

USTech Visits BTU USA – Thermal Processing Expertise Reaches Across Industry Boundaries

USTech - July 2018 - Michael Skinner of USTech visted BTU's USA Headquarters, where custom belt furnaces have been manufactured for nearly 70 years.   The article covers BTU's capabilities for high temperature, controlled atmosphere processing as well as BTU's history in the reflow oven industry.

Ewing Hsieh talks to Trevor Galbraith of Global SMT & Packaging about BTU’s award wins

Global SMT & Packaging - May 2018 - BTU celebrated three award wins at Nepcon China 2018. The first was for their Pyramax vacuum reflow technology to assist in void reduction. The second was Profile Guardian which continuously montors the temepature in each reflow oven heating zone and the third award was for the Trueflat technology for substrate flatness.

Bob Bouchard talks to Global SMT TV about Pyramax Vacuum and Profile Guardian at APEX 2018

Global SMT TV - February 2018 - Bob Bouchard talks to Trevor Galbraith about BTU's latest developments with the Pyramax Vacuum voidless solder reflow oven and the Profile Guardian redundant process monitor system.

Peter Franklin and Bob Bouchard talk to SCOOP tv at productronica 2017

SCOOP tv - November 2017 - Peter Franklin and Bob Bouchard give an overview of market conditions and new developments including Industry 4.0 and the new Pyramax Vacuum reflow oven.

Paul Lancaster talks to Global SMT & Packaging about the Profile Guardian at SMTAI 2017

Global SMT & Packaging - September 2017 - Paul Lancaster is interviewed by Trevor Galbraith regarding the introduction of BTU's new Profile Guardian reflow oven redundant process monitor. Industry 4.0 trends and implications are also discussed.

Paul Lancaster, Director of Sales Americas, BTU International talks to SCOOP SMTAI 2017

SCOOP - September 2017 - Paul Lancaster discusses the new Profile Guardian reflow oven redundant process monitor which adds process traceability through thermocouple probes and software integration. In addition the current trends and needs for Industry 4.0 as it applies to the reflow process are discussed.

Bob Bouchard talks to Scoop Media about the trends and developments in reflow at APEX 2017

SCOOP- February 2017 - Bob Bouchard talks to Kim Sauer about the direction of the market and BTU's latest developments, including the new ZeroTurn dual chamber reflow oven.

Kristen Mattson talks about lowering oven Cost of Ownership at SMTAI 2016

Real Time with - September 2016 - Kristen Mattson discusses the impact of reflow oven operating cost and new tools that can be used to reduce nitrogen and power consumption at SMTAI 2016 in Chicago.

Bob Bouchard talks about RecipePro at APEX 2016

SCOOP - April 2016 - Bob Bouchard talks to Kim Sauer about two reflow oven software solutions: Energy Pilot for energy management and RecipePro for recipe generation, built in conjunction with ECD.

Interview with Peter Franklin, Managing Director BTU International, SMT Nuremburg 2015

EPP - May 2015 - Peter Franklin discusses important industry trends including industry 4.0 as well as the BTU/Amtech aquisition.

New Approach Reduces Reflow Costs While Maintaining Oven Performance

Fred Dimock - US Tech 2015 - Process engineers are often tasked with reducing manufacturing costs. This article highlights the use of new reflow oven operating software to reduce running costs while maintaining oven performance.

Circuitnet Viewpoint 2015 – Peter Tallian, COO BTU International

Circuitnet- January 2015 - Peter Tallian discusses BTU's accomplishments in light of the 65th anniversary as well as BTU's latest developments for reflow technology.

Interview with Jim Grifffin, VP Sales and Service, BTU International at SMTAI 2014

Global SMT - October 2014 - Jim Griffin discusses BTU's latest technology in lowering Cost of Ownership for SMT Reflow. BTU's Energy Pilot software takes advantage of idle time to lower operating costs by up to 40% while ensuring product yield.

Interview with Rob DiMatteo, Regional Sales Manager, BTU International at SMTAI 2014

Kim Sauer talks to Rob DiMatteo, Regional Sales Manager, BTU International, at SMTAI 2014 about current industry trends, with particular focus on the Americas. With customer demand for process improvements and lower costs, Rob introduces the company’s ‘Energy Pilot’ feature that addresses those customer needs with its power & energy management solution.

Interview with Paul Lancaster, Director of Sales America, BTU International at SMTAI 2013

EMSNow-Oct 2013 - Philip Stoten from EMSNow talks to Paul Lancaster, Director of Sales America, BTU International to talk about the Dynamo, the latest offering from BTU, the industry and the challenges in decreasing changeover times.

BTU International Makes Corporate Social Responsibility a Part of its Energies

June 2012 - Michael Lewis of ThomasNet interviews BTU International's CEO, Paul van der Wansem, regarding BTU's recent charitable initiatives supporting education in the local community.

PRUF LED Flips Switch on State-of-the-Art, Fully Automated Manufacturing Line

June 2012 - PRUF LED has flipped the switch on the most cutting-edge, fully automated SMT production facility to manufacture a broad spectrum of LED lighting panels - including a BTU Pyramax convection reflow oven.

Diffusion Techniques, From Blue-Cell Theory To In-Fab Practice

David C. Wong, Ph.D., chief solar scientist at BTU International, gives an overview of diffusion techniques with a highlight on process improvements including in-line processing.

Solar Cell Process Temperature Measurements

Fred Dimock, a BTU Process Engineer, discusses methods for profiling solar cells including materials and TC placement.

Cost of Ownership and Overall Equipment Efficiency: a Photovoltaics Perspective

BTU's Meridian™ In-Line Diffusion system is featured an in an informative article on Cost of Ownership in the photovoltaics industry.

Paul van der Wansem Interview with The Wall Street Transcript

September 2009 - BTU's CEO, Paul van der Wansem, discusses BTU's markets and its transition to alternative energy. In addition, Mr. van der Wansem comments on BTU's new products, operations and key personnel.

Feature Article: Oven Adjustment Effects on a Solder Reflow Profile by Fred Dimock

September 2009 - Belt speed, zone temperatures and static pressure all impact peak temperature.