Reflow Ovens

Reflow Ovens


BTU is the global leader in convection reflow ovens and inline controlled atmosphere furnaces used for the production of electronics andPmax100A Convection Reflow Oven electronic components. Typically these applications require high productivity and excellent process control. BTU’s convection reflow ovens are used for printed circuit board assembly, semiconductor packaging, and LED assembly among other applications.

In printed circuit board assembly, surface mount technology SMT reflow is performed by BTU’s Pyramax convection reflow oven. The Pyramax is known worldwide as the performance leader. Electronics Circuit BoardWith closed loop convection control the Pyramax reflow oven offers the utmost in process repeatability, board-to-board, oven-to-oven and line-to-line. For semiconductor packaging, BTU offers nitrogen processing using the Pyramax convection reflow oven with astounding atmosphere purity with O2 levels as low as 2ppm above source in the peak zones.

BTU is focused on minimizing Total Cost of Ownership for the reflow process.   Our formula is built upon the foundation of the most reliable and repeatable/highest yield system in the industry.   We then attack process set-up time through our innovative RecipePro software – the only reflow oven recipe generator to include convection rate in the algorithm, the most important aspect of heat transfer in a convection reflow oven.    Next we take on the running cost of the reflow oven by automatically lowering the power and process gas consumption during idle time using our EnergyPilot software.   The Pyramax’s industry leading “true” ready time allows the oven to recover and reach process stability inInside BTU’s new dual chamber reflow oven. record time – enabling the savings without impacting productivity and throughput.    Finally, for high-volume, high-mix manufacturers BTU’s new dual chamber reflow oven, the Pyramax ZeroTurn, is a true dual chamber machine that eliminates recipe changeover time.   Leaded and lead-free processes can be at temperature in each reflow chamber allowing instantaneous switching times.

BTU’s ovens and furnaces are the industry’s process and productivity leaders and have tens of thousands of installations.  Contact BTU with any questions or to learn about the latest advancements in reflow ovens, furnaces or SMT technology.