BTU has been a leader in in-line thermal processing for over a half a century

BTU’s reflow ovens and custom belt furnaces excel in processes where precise control of atmosphere and temperature are critical to product yield. With over 10,000 units shipped, service and support in over 30 countries, and manufacturing facilities on two continents BTU is the leading choice for global manufacturers.


The World’s Best Performing Reflow Ovens

Pyramax OvensBTU’s Pyramax family of high-throughput convection reflow ovens is widely recognized as the global standard of excellence for both printed circuit board solder reflow and for semiconductor packaging. The Pyramax features BTU’s exclusive closed loop convection control and process temperatures up to 400°C. For the most demanding applications Pyramax can provide O2 levels as low as 2ppm above source in the peak reflow zone.

Custom Furnaces: Made in the USABTU Fast Fire Furnace

BTU’s Controlled Atmosphere Furnace has the industry’s lowest Cost of Ownership and features process temperatures up to 1180°C. BTU’s automated thermal controls utilize segmented heaters to optimize thermal performance resulting in thermal uniformity better than +/-2°C. The system also features flexible atmosphere with Argon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen or forming gas available.

BTU also offers muffle-less Fast Fire furnaces to minimize operating costs. The Fast Fire can be ramped to temperature quickly allowing users to shut the unit down during idle times.

BTU Pusher FurnaceCustom configured dryers are available in both IR and convection configurations in temperatures from 100˚C to 400˚C. The convection dryers can be configured in very wide process widths and can include closed loop convection control.

BTU’s Pusher furnace is the workhorse required for heavy loads and temperatures up to 1800°C. The system features alumina bricking, sophisticated safety controls, and advanced operational software.

BTU’s ovens and furnaces are the industry’s process and productivity leaders and have tens of thousands of installations.  Contact BTU with any questions or to learn about the latest advancements in reflow ovens, furnaces or SMT technology.