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Brings the furnace control system up to date and prevents costly downtime due to failure of an obsolete system


Intellimax2 presented by BTU International  WINCON™ is an advanced windows-based software system for controlling the operation of BTU thermal processing equipment. WINCON combines both the simplicity of a graphical user interface with powerful diagnostic and analytical tools. WINCON is used in conjunction with BTU’s proprietary INTELLIMAX™ control board on all BTU systems; including the Pyramax family of convection reflow ovens. The Intellimax2 features faster core components resulting in significant performance improvements. Intelligent on-board data protection, faster analog sampling speeds and fast software downloads minimizes downtime.

Industry 4.0Many new features are included in the latest release of WINCON:

  • Windows 10 compatibility
  • Industry 4.0 compatibilty
  • Energy Pilot
  • RecipePro

Upgrading your WINCON software not only allows users to take advantage of new features but avoids unplanned downtime when an older obsolete control board fails.

For more information on WINCON and to determine if your system can be upgraded please visit our WINCON web page.

For more information or a quote please contact BTU’s parts department at