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Solder Reflow and High Temperature Process Testing

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BTU International has advanced process applications labs in both the USA and China. Staffed by expert process engineers, the labs boast an impressive array of equipment. These labs, near Boston, Massachusetts in the USA and Shanghai in China, are available for both demonstration and process development work.  BTU also has three additional demonstration locations in the US featuring complete SMT lines , in Philadelphia at American Competitive Institute (ACI), at NextFlex in San Jose, California and near Los Angeles, California.

High temperature custom belt furnace process testing and process work is also available in BTU’s US process lab, where we have both a TCA type Controlled Atmosphere Furnace and a TFF type Fast Fire furnace available.

  • Test our Process-Guaranteed Pyramax™ convection reflow oven
    • Lead-free Processes
    • Profile Optimization
  • Learn how to best use key oven/furnace controls
    • Convection rate
    • Gas flow rates
    • Exhaust rates
  • Optimize your processes
    • Cost Reduction
    • Yield Optimization
  • Investigate new technologies

Also check our Knowledge Center to download free white papers on reflow processes and high temperature continuous thermal processing.

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Thank you for considering BTU equipment for your thermal processing needs.  Contact BTU with any questions or to learn about the latest advancements in reflow ovens, furnaces or SMT technology.

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