Reflow Ovens

Pyramax vacuum reflow oven

Vacuum reflow oven for high-volumeWinner 2018 EM Asia Award manufacturing

  • Solder voiding to <5%

  • Thermal uniformity +/-2°C

  • Superior profile control

  • Full MES Integration

The Pyramax Vacuum reflow oven has been designed with the requirements of large EMS/high-volume automotive customers in mind. The unit is configured with 10 zones of closed-loop convection heating and a maximum production width of 457 x 457mm (18 x 18 inches) inches under vacuum operation. Nitrogen atmosphere capable, the Pyramax Vacuum reflow oven offers a maximum process temperature of 350° C. The unit features integrated controls with BTU’s proprietary Wincon™ windows-based control system and full integration with factory MES/Industry 4.0, including vacuum parameters. Existing Pyramax customers can easily transfer their process to the new Pyramax Vacuum reflow oven.

  • Recipe controlled vacuum parameters
  • Bell jar vacuum chamber design
  • Forced convection and conduction heat assist
  • Low impact thermal transition zone
  • Easy maintenance access
  • Pass-thru mode

vacuum reflow oven

Designed for Maintenance Accessiblity

Vacuum reflow chamber detail

The Pyramax Vacuum reflow chamber was designed with high-volume manufacturing in mind.  The chamber is designed to be opened wide for service with out the use of tools.  The drive system within the vacuum chamber is easily removed for maintenance.

  • Novel chamber opening mechanism

  • Removable drive system

Contact BTU to learn more about how the Pyramax vacuum reflow oven can reduce solder voids in your high-volume EMS line.