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Reflow Oven Flux Management Technology

reflow oven flux management

BTU’s Aqua Scrub flux management technology sets the new benchmark in solder paste flux remediation. The patent pending technology utilizes atmosphere scrubbing action via an aqueous-based rinse solution. The system continuously extracts flux-laden oven atmosphere from the reflow oven process chamber which is then passed through the Aqua Scrub system removing flux and returning clean atmosphere back to the reflow oven chamber. The aqueous-based scrubbing solution utilizes commonly available detergents for the rinse agent concentrate making it environmentally friendly. The system can be easily retrofit on to existing reflow ovens in the field due to its stand-alone design and small footprint. The system is compatible with all common solder pastes such as no clean, water soluble and RMA flux chemistries.

Key Benefits

• 90% flux removal efficiency
• No condenser to clean
• 4X lower CoO over conventional designs
• Reduced downtime associated with flux maintenance
• Field retrofit ready
• Available on Pyramax nitrogen ovens

Key Features

• On-the-fly operation
• Fully automatic operation
• Aqueous-based scrubbing solution
• Simple waste management
• Little or no exposure to captured flux solution


• Maintenance kit
• Spare parts kit
• Health Check program
• Spare waste carboy

Operating costs of the system are dramatically lower than traditional condensation type designs. There are no heat exchangers to maintain or clean – reducing labor costs and eliminating replacement parts and consumable filters. Fully automatic operation minimizes operator intervention, and eliminates the potential for errors. A comprehensive user interface via BTU’s WINCON™ control software provides appropriate system feedback and recipe management of the Aqua Scrub system functions.

Aqua Scrub Flux Management Operation

Reflow oven flux management operation


award winning reflow flux management

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