Pyramax ZeroTurn

Pyramax ZeroTurn

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Pyramax ZeroTurn Dual Chamber Reflow OvenPyramax ZeroTurn Reflow Oven

Pyramax technology to eliminate process changeover time

Dual Chamber Reflow OvenAre you tired of waiting for your reflow oven to heat-up or cool-down?   With the Pyramax ZeroTurn you can have your next process already at “ready” to prepare for instant changeover.    The ZeroTurn features two completely separate process chambers.  The chambers can be set  for completely different process settings – have one chamber set for a eutectic cash register profile and the other for a lead-free ramp spike profile – no problem!

If changeover time is limiting your production consider adding the ZeroTurn to your factory.   Download the brochure to learn more.Dual Chamber Reflow Oven