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BTU’s team of experts has been working for decades to solve critical process problems for a multitude of thermal processes where precision control of temperature and atmosphere are critical to production yield. BTU’s custom belt furnaces can reach maximum temperatures up to 1800˚C and various process atmospheres including Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Argon. The ability to customize each platform and the wide range of options available make BTU’s belt furnaces a superior fit for a number of applications.






Typical applications include:

Furnace Brazing  |  Glass-to-Metal Sealing  |  LTCC  | Direct Bond Copper  |  Thick Film  | Sintering  |  Diffusion
Advanced Ceramics  |
Solar Cell  |  Powder Processing  |  Curing  |  Drying



Applications Support Process Development

BTU International has advanced process applications labs in both the USA and China. Staffed by expert process engineers, the labs boast an impressive array of equipment including a wet lab and metrology. These labs near Boston, Massachusetts in the USA and Shanghai in China are available for both demonstration and process development work including batch-to-inline conversions.



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