Mechanical Engineering Manager

Location: North Billerica, MA

Job summary

Responsible for the furnace and mechanical design function.

Essential duties and responsibilities

  • Work with the Director of Engineering to set functional goals, objectives and budgets
  • Work with customer, Sales, Marketing and engineers to develop furnace system specifications
  • Plan and direct the work of engineers, and technicians in order to develop furnace systems and features to meet requirements
  • Assess training needs of department and provide training as required
  • Ensure that Engineering staff has the proper tools for efficient and safe work
  • Ensure that all work performed by their team is performed according to departmental procedures
  • Ensure that all new furnace systems are properly documented, tested and meet the requirements
  • Ensure that work is carried out in a planned and efficient manner
  • Ensure that engineering documentation is version controlled and secure
  • Prepare and present written, oral visual material to support proposals, presentations, design reviews and written reports
  • Travel globally to solve complex problems with equipment in the field, provide technical expertise to the Sales organization, work with and develop suppliers, direct engineering activities
  • Develop cost estimates for proposed projects which include labor and material costs
  • Develop and manage project schedules
  • Ensure that all designs are safe and conform to industry standards
  • Strictly adhere to all BTU safety policies

Other duties and responsibilities

  • Requires travel

Skills and knowledge

  • Knowledgeable in mechanical engineering
  • Knowledgeable in furnace design and application
  • Microsoft Office skills
  • Project management
  • Solid interpersonal skills

Education and experience

  • BS in mechanical engineering
  • Minimum of 5 years mechanical engineering experience
  • Workforce management
  • Project management