Profile Guardian Reflow Oven Redundant Process Monitor

Reflow Oven Redundant Process Monitor

Profile Guardian pairs a thermocouple probe at product height with software to monitor temperature deviation from baseline – independent from control TCs. The redundant process monitor is aware of reflow oven state (recipe change, energy savings modes, etc.), and monitor data can be included in host communications (MES) from the oven. Additionally, it provides board level traceability when paired with bar code readers, which is a requirement for many large OEM/EMS customers as well as for Industry 4.0 implementation.

  • Integrated with the reflow oven control system, eliminating issues with:

    • Ready state

    • Energy saving modes

    • Recipe changeover

  • Full integration with oven MES

    • Provides board-level traceability when used with a barcode scanner

Process Monitor Baseline

Establishes process baseline

Profile Guardian Deviation

Absolute deviation view with allowable ranges

Profile Guardian Absolute

Profile view of process with actual and alert/alarm bands

Contact BTU to learn more about how Profile Guardian can enable product traceability in your SMT reflow oven line.