BTU International Touts Continuous Processing Advantages

NORTH BILLERICA, Mass., January 3, 2012— BTU International, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment for the electronics and alternative energy manufacturing markets, highlights the advantages of continuous processing versus batch processing.

When compared to batch, continuous processing can offer dramatic process and operational advantages. Throughput can be increased by up to four times. Cycle times offer an astounding 15 advantage over batch – allowing product to be tested much more quickly. Process changes can be made, thus avoiding misprocessing a whole batch. Scrap loss can also be much lower as many continuous processes offer reduced handling over batch processes with as much as four times fewer “touches” of the product. BTU’s high technology continuous furnaces can meet or exceed the thermal and atmosphere performance of batch processing. The company has a successful track record of converting batch and vacuum batch processes to continuous processing.

BTU controlled atmosphere furnaces are available with temperature ranges up to 1150°C and with various process atmospheres including hydrogen and nitrogen. Excellent atmosphere purity is achieved through the use of BTU’s patented gas barrier technology. In addition, BTU’s unique eductor technology can be used to enhance cooling or control process atmosphere. The end result is superior efficiency, superior performance, and superior thermal uniformity.

About BTU International

BTU International is global supplier and technology leader of advanced thermal processing equipment and processes to the electronics and alternative energy manufacturing markets. BTU equipment is used in solar cell and nuclear fuel manufacturing as well as in the production of printed circuit board assemblies and semiconductor packaging. BTU has operations in North Billerica, Massachusetts and Shanghai, China with direct sales and service in the USA, Asia and Europe. Information about BTU International is available at



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