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The Pyramax Family of Reflow Ovens

PyramaxPyramax has long been the performance-leader in solder reflow.   The Pyramax was born in the communications age, when incredibly large backplane boards were being processed worldwide to enable the build-out of cellular communications.   These boards required the most efficient thermal transfer and exceptional thermal uniformity over a very large width, all while staying in a tight, and often lead-free, process window.   Pyramax’s closed-loop convection technology allowed manufacturers to duplicate this performance at all of their factories – regardless of factors like altitude, voltage and equipment age or maintenance cycle.

Pyramax’s peformance with these demanding boards lead to the motto: “any board, anytime, anywhere”  – this still holds true today as Pyramax is an enabling manufacturing technology for the build out of 5G cellular, large LED assemblies, automotive electronics and other leading applications.   Download the brochure to see what Pyramax can do for you.