Keeping your reflow process in control shouldn't be a high wire act

BTU’s reflow ovens feature closed loop convection giving them the industry’s best uniformity and repeatability.

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Tired of fighting fires?

BTU’s reflow ovens and controlled atmosphere furnaces set the standard for quality and reliability.

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Thermal Expertise from Pilot to Production

Inline thermal processing designed for reduced cycle time for small batches and high throughput for high-volume production.

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Get in Line

BTU’s high volume continuous thermal process systems can increase throughput by 4X over batch systems.

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Save money with Energy Pilot

BTU’s new Energy Pilot software can save users up to 40% of energy costs and is easily upgradeable on older reflow ovens.

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A perfect fit

BTU has been a leader in SMT reflow for well over two decades. A major force in the transition to convection reflow, BTU’s closed-loop convection reflow ovens continue to set the standard for process performance.

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Our Markets

Reflow Ovens
Electronics Assembly

BTU makes the world’s best performing reflow ovens. The award-winning Pyramax reflow oven platform sets the standard for performance in the industry. Learn More

Solar Cell

BTU has been a pioneer and leader in photovoltaic process equipment for decades. Today BTU’s inline thermal processing equipment for solar cell diffusion, drying, firing and annealing are enabling technology for lowering Cost per Watt. Learn More

Custom Furnaces

BTU is the industry leader in atmosphere and thermal control for continuous furnaces. BTU has a unique set of capabilities, know-how and experience supporting precision temperature and atmosphere applications up to 1800˚C. Learn More

Spotlight: Why Pyramax™?

Think reflow oven performance doesn’t matter? Pyramax sets the standard for performance in the industry. See how we beat the competition on uniformity, profile control and exit temperature.

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About Us

BTU International is a leading global supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment and processes to the alternative energy and electronics assembly markets. BTU equipment and know-how are used in solar cell, nuclear fuel and fuel cell manufacturing as well as in the production of printed circuit board assemblies and semiconductor packaging.

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