Thermal Processing Expertise Reaches Across Industry Boundaries

Thermal Processing Expertise Reaches Across Industry Boundaries

USTech – July 2018 – Michael Skinner of USTech visted BTU’s USA Headquarters, where custom belt furnaces have been manufactured for nearly 70 years. The article covers BTU’s capabilities for high temperature, controlled atmosphere processing as well as BTU’s history in the reflow oven industry.

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Decades of Thermal Processing Expertise

The ability to carefully control temperature and atmospheric conditions inside a closed chamber is critical to a range of industries, from something as simple as drying to semiconductor packaging and solar cell processing. BTU International, Inc., a manufacturer of high-performance, high-temperature furnaces, has been building workhorses of thermal processing for nearly 70 years.

Michael Skinner visited BTU’s facility near Boston, Massachusetts in May of 2018 to get a full overview of the company’s capabilities.  The article covers thermal and atmosphere control, reflow oven history, custom furnace manufacturing and applications as well as BTU’s proprietary oven control system.