Control System Support Specialist

Job summary

The Control System Support Specialist will provide oven control system technical support to our customers, Field Service Engineers (FSEs), Final Test Technicians and Customer Support Staff. The specialist will assist customers and Field Service Engineers with their control system questions, assist them to trouble shoot problems and conduct control system upgrades. The specialist will also provide training and instruction to internal staff.


Essential duties and responsibilities

  • Handle calls from customers inquiring about how to use certain features of the oven control system software.
  • Make recommendations to customers regarding how to configure their software to optimize their oven operation.
  • Assist customers to troubleshoot problems with their control system hardware and software.
  • Assist customers to integrate their oven control system with factory level control systems and data acquisition systems.
  • Create training material to provide instruction to customers and internal staff about the configuration and use of oven control software and hardware.
  • Conduct training sessions for customers and internal staff about how to configure and use oven control hardware and software.
  • Assist customers and FSEs with oven control system upgrades.
  • Develop help file content to support the use of new control system features.
  • Assist the Sales and Marketing Teams with the introduction of control system features to new or prospective customers.
  • Document and report control system problems to Engineering staff.
  • Assist customers and FSEs with problem work arounds.
  • Strictly adhere to all BTU safety policies and comply with Quality System procedures, as required.
  • Travel internationally to provide on-site oven control system support.


Skills and knowledge

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills. Able to work with customers as well as internal staff to understand and communicate complex technical issues.
  • Strong problem solving and trouble shooting skills.
  • Ability to troubleshoot software, electrical / electronic and electromechanical systems.
  • Strong knowledge of Windows operating system
  • Ability to work with others and be an active part of a cross functional team when needed, but must also be able to work independently.
  • Strong aptitude and desire for learning.
  • Good interpersonal, leadership skills.
  • Highly organized and detail oriented with the ability to prioritize, manage multiple projects and work to a schedule
  • Strong Microsoft office user skills
  • Willingness to travel per customer demands. Expectation 5 -10% both international and domestically.


Education and experience

  • Associate degree or equivalent technical training in electronics, software, process engineering or similar.
  • 1-3 years of control system trouble shooting and customer support experience.
  • Knowledge of VB, C++, LabVIEW, PLC ladder logic a plus.
  • Technical writing and document management experience is a strong plus.

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