Technical Writer II

Job summary

• Create industrial equipment user and maintenance instructions from first hand machine use, technical expert interviews, engineering documents, and schematics.
• Efficiently use language, charts, graphs, drawings and other graphic tools to explain complex technical information in an easily understood manner.
• Organize technical information so that it can be used efficiently to document multiple configurations, be used in multiple documents and be translated into multiple languages.
• Create assembly instructions to document the manner of assembly of industrial tools.
• Create other technical documents such as industry white papers, and scientific reports.

Essential duties and responsibilities

• Create industrial equipment user manuals, maintenance manuals, user guides, software user instructions, assembly instructions and other technical documentation.
• Maintain oven control software help files using madcap Flare.
• Participate in design reviews by representing the equipment user perspective and become familiar with new equipment designs.
• Work closely with technical experts to gain a good understanding of the workings and maintenance of industrial machinery.
• Operate industrial equipment; perform maintenance and assembly tasks in order to master a thorough understanding of the equipment.
• Visit customer factories to gain a better understanding of the manufacturing environment and how BTU equipment is used.
• Plan and manage documentation projects to meet quality, schedule and budget objectives.
• Develop strategies for the efficient creation and maintenance of technical documentation.
• Maintain a consistent and cohesive look and feel across all documentation.
• Seek out errors and inconsistencies in information provided by others and resolve problems efficiently.
• Maintain a document repository that is up to date, accurate, organized and readily available.
• Create documentation that is portable between pdf and HTML formats.
• Adhere to all BTU policies and ISO requirements.

Skills and knowledge

• A strong interest in and a thorough understanding of electro/mechanical and industrial software operating principles.
• Excellent written, verbal and graphic communication skills.
• Strong working knowledge of instruction manual creation and publishing software.
o madcap Flare experience is a plus.
• Strong information management skills.
• A minimum of 5-7 years of experience in technical writing or similar.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).


• BS Degree in engineering or science or BA with a strong technical background.

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