New Reflow Oven Technology for Substrate Flatness

  • Easy process transfer

  • Low maintenance, no vacuum pump

  • Superior thermal uniformity

Built on the industry leading Pyramax platform, TrueFlat is a unique reflow oven configuration to stop substrate warpage. Designed for substrate thicknesses of 0.15 to 0.30mm, TrueFlat technology ends die tilt. The result is consistent and repeatable flatness, and superior thermal uniformity due to the PYRAMAX’s closed-loop convection heating.

The new PYRAMAX with TrueFlat technology does not impact reflow oven footprint, making it easy to transition from existing reflow processes. Easy to maintain with no vacuum pump, the system offers simple operation and full integration with BTU’s proprietary WINCON™ Windows-based software including factory host/MES interface for Industry 4.0 compliance.

Uniform flatness through consistent suction force throughout the entire thermal process

Watch the video below to see the TrueFlat in action – thin substrates are pulled flat by the suction force.

Contact BTU to learn more about how the Pyramax TrueFlat reflow oven can end die tilt on your thin substrates.